Crate Training A Labrador Puppy

Crate Training A Labrador Puppy

Let’s talk about crate training a Labrador puppy, shall we? Labradors are the most popular breeds in the United States. They are incredibly smart, good-natured, loyal, loving and always looking for ways to please their master.  I have two Labrador retrievers, Cali and Piper and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are the life […]

Labrador Training: Dealing With Common Behavioral Problems

Labrador Training

I have talked about when to start your Labrador puppy training in this article, but now, I want to talk in a little bit more detail on dealing with some common behavioral problems with Labrador training.. Labrador retriever training is a lot of fun and easy is for the most part. I should know as I have trained two lovely […]

A Quick and Easy Guide to Training Labrador Puppies

Training Labrador Puppies

Let’s talk about training Labrador puppies.  In this previous article, I talked about some common behavior problems with Labradors, but let’s get to the details about when to start Labrador puppy training and some other important details you should know about training your puppy. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years after having trained […]

Labrador Retriever Shedding – A Few Quick Facts

Labrador Retrievers shedding

Do Labrador Retrievers Shed? You bet they do! I know all about Labrador retriever shedding as a proud owner of two hyperactive Labradors, Cali and Piper. Cali is an 8-year old black Labrador and Piper is a 3-year old yellow Labrador. Cali and Piper shed a LOT, throughout the year. I find their hair gathering […]