Welcome to Labrador Luv!  My name is Kara, and you guessed it…I am a Labrador Luver.  My love for Labradors goes so deep that some people might think I’m a little crazy.  In fact, my mom feels the need to remind me not to “humanize” my dogs! 🙂

And I’m like, “Oh well!”  Have you looked into those delicious brown eyes and watched them dance and sparkle when you return home after a three minute trip to the store?  Have you watched those cute little butts and tails wiggle and waggle with glee at the mere mention of their favorite four letter words… walk and swim?  Have you smelled those earthy pads on their feet and heard their obnoxious snores?

My love for Labradors runs deep and wide and long.  In fact, it spans most of my life.  I grew up in a big family on a 250 acre farm in the hills of Pennsylvania.  We had just about every kind of animal on our farm, and honestly, I loved them all…but it was the Labradors that stole my heart.  As a kid, I spent many a nap times using the belly of our Labs as pillow and stroking their soft ears as my blankie.  Life was good, but everything has always been better with Labs!

So fast forward several years to today…I have two amazing Labradors, Cali and Piper.  Cali, my black Lab, is soon to be 8 years old, and she has taught me how to really love.  Together, Cali and I trekked the 2,800 miles to Malibu, California, where we spent eight weeks walking on the beach, rolling in the sand, and swimming in that cool, Pacific Ocean.  We had a lot of alone time, and as a result, I swear we can read each other’s minds!

I remember the day I went with my dad to Cali’s breeder. She came running out, and I picked her up and petted her.  After a while, I wanted to check out the other puppies, so I put her down. And…she sat right on my foot and wouldn’t let me move!  To this day, my dad says, “You didn’t choose her, Cali chose you!”  It’s hard to imagine that so much goodness can come in such a small 100 pound package! 🙂 Cali is gregarious, fun loving, and gentle.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Cali is that she is who she is and she makes no apologies for that!

Piper is my yellow Lab.  She will turn 3 at the end of the year.  I keep asking her whether she wants to be a real Labrador or an Olympic athlete, and her answer never wavers…an Olympic athlete!  Still, I can’t help but scratch my head as she walks past the juiciest treats and marrow bones I’m offering her to go get her frisbee or ball.  And no matter how bad my throws are, she makes the catching part look easy.  She is incredible fit and athletic as well as playful, bashful, and so sweet.  When you earn her trust, she just melts into you!  Piper has taught me not to take ‘no’ for an answer and to hold firm for the things I really want!

In case this doesn’t go without saying, I rarely leave home without my Labs.  They are my absolute “bestest” friends.  They make my life fun and full, and they remind me to play every day.  As I mentioned, I love all animals and all dogs, but what lights my heart up every morning is my Labradors and since you’re here, I’m hoping you feel a little bit of that too.

So, welcome!  We’re glad you’re here!


Yours in LabradorLuv,

Cali, Piper, & Kara